Wine in the Woods

May 19, 2015

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind. In the 10 weeks prior to this one, only two of them have seen Alonzo and I together at home in Arlington. From work trips to short vacations in California and NYC, visiting our new niece in Houston and my family visiting us from out west, traveling to Maryland to start the next round of classes and subbing a lot of yoga classes, it’s been basically nonstop since mid-March. Even in the time we were together, we both had a lot of work to do. Outside of his already-too-much-work day job, Alonzo has also been working on updating the website for The Brew Gentlemen (Side note: Congrats on celebrating a successful first year in the taproom!!) as well as making preparations for our eminent move to California later this year (fingers crossed). I’ve been studying for school, always planning for yoga, and thinking of new ideas to share on my site. With all of that, we needed to take a weekend off to reconnect and try not to dwell on anything at all.

Relaxing weekends go by way too quickly!!! We traveled out to Columbia, Maryland, an easy 50 minute drive north. The city was having its annual “Wine in the Woods” Festival, so we decided to check it out. I was completely unprepared for the scope of the event. In my mind, Columbia is a fairly small town. I figured there would be a couple hundred people and a few tents offering wine from Maryland. Turns out there are A LOT more wineries in the state than I expected, and A LOT (read: thousands) of people interested in trying out their offerings.

I would like to lie to you and pretend the whole day was sparkles and heart bubbles, but my anxiety reared its beautiful head at the sight of such a mass of people. It started off with my failed attempt to find a parking lot the first drive by the event area. I pulled over to let Alonzo take over, but wasn’t able to immediately let go of the tension that ‘failing’ at parking had created in me. We eventually found an open lot and shuttled back over to the woods filled with wine. My poor husband got to spend this time trying to get me to relax and shake it off (at this point, we could have renamed the event “Whine in the Woods”). Having dealt with my border-irrationality too many times to count, I know it can be hard for him to stay patient, and I could see the stress creeping into his body. He just can’t catch a break. Thankfully, after not too long the initial shock wore off, and we wandered around the nicely wooded grounds sampling a variety of wines. After a while, my taste buds could not tell the difference between anything. We left just before the sky broke open into some heat-relieving thunderstorms, and checked into The Columbia Inn bed and breakfast. After a nice nap and a walk down memory lane with a visit to Pei Wei (a favorite cheap date night spot of ours back in high school days), we rounded out the night with a dessert from Wegman’s and another blast from the past, watching Rush Hour in the plush king size bed back at the inn. Made to order omelettes with home fries (plus some sides of meat for the husband) and a fantastic whirlpool bath rounded out our trip, and we drove back the following morning.

Just a 30 minute walk down the street, the annual “Taste of Arlington” was going on, so we took a leisurely stroll down to Ballston to check out some local food. I thankfully had the foresight to bring along some Tupperware, so we were able to carry some food home for dinner using our remaining tickets once we couldn’t eat any more. We made it home in time to collapse on the couch and catch the last quarter of the Rockets game. We both made it through the weekend without spending more than half an hour working, so Monday was an abrupt shock back to reality as we remembered the heavy load of busy-ness that grasped for our attention.

The two big take-aways from this weekend:

  • No matter how proficient I think I am becoming at calming down that seed inside of me that needlessly brings up anxiety, doubt, worry, and fear in social circumstances, I still have a ways to go. I have become much more aware of  how unnecessary the feelings are, but need to continue working to change my mind’s natural and abrupt reaction.
  • I have decided that we should look for a new hobby as a way of taking a step back from the ‘busy-ness’ that seems to overtake our minds during the week. I have found that TV is our go-to, as it is a way to completely disconnect from our world. I would like to instead have an avenue of staying connected to our passions, without the added stress that accompanies our work lives. A few ideas I have come up with so far:
    • Conduct physics experiments…this is as far as the idea has progressed. Alonzo loves physics and gets really fired up when we talk about it, so I think this would be a great way to unwind. We ran our first experiment yesterday while having coffee in the morning. Alonzo dropped a piece of biscotti into his cup and it floated. Buoyancy test!
    • Photography. We got a nice camera for Christmas and still haven’t really figured it all out.
    • Something physical. Maybe rock climbing or some type of martial arts. I know there are SO MANY different styles, and I haven’t done any research yet. If you have any recommendations, please let me know! I think that, like yoga, martial arts would be a great way of strengthening and connecting with the body, and using movement to release stress.

Whew, now back to the daily grind of the week. Happy Tuesday!!!

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