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Animal Photo Saturday – 7/4/2015

July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July! I may be a day late, but I have some cute animals to share! I was in San Diego for the Yoga Journal Conference this past week, so that’s the excuse I will use for the delay.

1.There’s nothing like getting into Savasana at the end of a long yoga practice. Jilly Boo likes to ‘help’ me out pretty often during yoga, but she definitely prefers this final resting pose over all others.

2. I love seeing the different variety of seabirds whenever I am around water. Based on internet research, I believe this is a variety of Herring Gull. They were greatly outnumbered by the typical white gull, but I got a nice shot of this one hanging out on a pier.

3. This photo is thanks to our dear friend and nature enthusiast, Renee. If anyone can save the world, it is her and her other naturalist friends. Check out the amazing color and pattern on this caterpillar. Insects creeped me out when I was young, but I can only marvel at the incredible variance and adaptation they show.

4. Labradoodle out in the park! Don’t you wish you could reach out and pet that fluffy fur?

5. Penny and the Pink Piñata: Chapter One. There’s an idea for my first children’s book! I had a piñata for my 25th birthday a few years back, and kept it around as company for our cats for a while after that.

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