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Animal Photo Friday – 8/7/2015

August 7, 2015

This fawn is one half of a set of twins born in my parents backyard last year. While mom’s away, baby will play, and this one decided to check out the front porch. It looks like it’s only a few days old. Check out those big ears, thick fur, and angelic face.

Friendly Dogs

Friendly Dogs

Another sidewalk friendship is formed. Perhaps they were bonding over matching leashes or being similarly shaped? The pair reminded me of the scene in 101 Dalmations where all the puppies cover themselves in soot  to look like black labs in an effort to hide from Cruella Deville.

Bag O' Boops

Bag O’ Boops

The cats love when we go grocery shopping, and they can hardly wait for us to unload before they hop into the empty bags. Jilly Boo will fall asleep curled inside for hours. I like to carry her around the apartment and present her to Alonzo as a gift.

Shiny Squirrel

Shiny Squirrel

This healthy-looking squirrel is diligently nibbling through a peanut. He must be getting a fair amount of healthy fats based on the shininess of his coat.

'Yellow Bear' Tiger Moth

‘Yellow Bear’ Tiger Moth

Another amazing insect courtesy of my mom. I believe this is a Virginia Tiger Moth, but it is even more beautiful than the pictures I found online. This particular species rarely sits with wings open, so my mom must have patiently waited to get this snap. So beautiful.

As a final note, I came across an article about a software that shows how animals see the world. It includes the UV spectrum and adjusts absorption and reflection of colors. It’s free to download too.

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