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Animal Photo Friday – 7/24/2015

July 23, 2015

1. Thanks to Marco for this photo. I call it Shadow Dog: a San Francisco art noir moment.

2. Say hello to Maxine! She is the sweetest little one-eyed cat you will ever meet (0ver the internet). I am fortunate enough to get to cat-sit for her every once in a while. Her favorite activities include being pet, purring, and looking out the window (shown here).

3.Watermelon Beetle (a.k.a. Ten-Lined June Beetle): Thanks again to my mom for finding another cool bug! Apparently this particular species resides in the western U.S. and Canada. If touched or otherwise frightened, they make a hissing noise that can sound like a bat! The sounds comes from the forceful closing of their wings. In case you want to hear for yourself, click here.

4. How cute are these two?? This goat and dog are from Sunset Rock Farm, a goat dairy farm in New Hampshire. The farm is run by the family of one of my husband’s coworkers. You can see more adorable goat pictures on the website.

5. Why not include another bottle-baby? This sweet thing was one of SEVEN little tykes I helped to bottle-feed back in 2011 when I worked as a vet assistant at Nova Cat Clinic. While the bottle-feeding phase was time-consuming (since they want to eat every 2 hours), once they started eating solid foods it was even crazier! They literally swam in their food when eating, so they each needed a bath and a blow dry afterwards. It’s a good thing they were so ridiculously cute.

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