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Animal Photo Friday – 7/17/2015

July 17, 2015

Alright, I’ll get right down to business.

1. Boops! Here she is perched on the bar, looking mighty cute.

2. How cute is this pug? He was spotted looking forlorn on the streets of San Francisco. I want to pick him up and squeeze him until he is happy.

3. Here is another member of the ecosystem of our friend Renee’s home. This garter snake has been living in her front garden for the past few weeks, and is about 1.5 feet long now! He tends to mind his own business, but her cat has learned to stay away from the front yard.

4. There is a small pond at the front of my parent’s neighborhood in Colorado. Every summer, a few Canadian geese fly in and make their nesting grounds here. They must have a good hiding spot, because they seem to always avoid the fox and mountain lion that are most assuredly prowling the area (if only I could get a picture of those). Here is this years batch of goslings, all grown up.

5. I was working at home when I spotted this lil’ fella outside our window. We don’t exactly live in a forested area, so he was definitely lost. He glanced around long enough for my to grab my phone as he ran towards some bushes.

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